Designed for Island Gyals and Dancehall Queens worldwide, Knots & Vibes is a hand-made crochet label based in London, UK. Inspired by travels around the Caribbean, the brand was born from a love of dancehall music and island lifestyle.

After many months spent in Jamaica, Knots & Vibes has grown to become a platform for celebrating Dancehall culture, while actively promoting female independence and empowering women. Although Dancehall music has historically been condemned as demeaning and vulgar (labelled as 'slackness'), Knots & Vibes aims to change perceptions of the genre, exploring how female artists and dancers fight back against Dancehall's male patriarchy, and documenting via the #FeminismInDancehall hashtag.

In 2018, we held 9 days of crochet workshops for teen mothers in Kingston, Jamaica through the Mustard Seed Mary's Child programme. The aim was to allow the girls to develop a skill that they could use to earn an income, enabling them to become financially independent. Since the workshops, we have continued to provide tools and materials for the girls that took part, funded by sales of our crochet chokers and donations from customers.

In 2019, the Knots & Vibes workshops were extended to Grenada. The opportunity was offered to the residents of Cedar's Home: a shelter for domestic violence survivors and their children. In Grenada, 1/3 women will experience gender-based violence. Aside from the prospect of financial independence, crochet can function as therapeutic exercise to help calm nerves and a means to build confidence following traumatic experiences. As with our Jamaica workshops, we will periodically send yarns and materials so the participants are able to continue developing their skills.

Whilst Knots & Vibes was born as a clothing brand, our long term vision is to continue working with women's organisations in the Caribbean in an effort to provide more opportunities for women in need.

Unfortunately as each piece is hand-made to order and delicate in nature, we are unable to accept returns. Please make sure you select the correct size/colour/style and provide us with measurements if you're unsure. We are only happy to cancel orders and issue refunds if the product has not been made yet.

To be on the safe side, always hand-wash Knots & Vibes pieces with a mild detergent and do not soak for more than a few minutes. 100% cotton items may stretch with wear - wash in hot water and dry flat to regain shape if needed.